Finishing Touches

Dancing On The Clouds

Make your ‘First Dance’ extra special by ‘Dancing on the Clouds’. Dry Ice is surely the way to amaze your guests on your wedding day and make your photos & videos look amazing! The low lying fog effect lasts long enough for your first & second dances with a thick pillow of pure white cloud right at your feet. Remember you will only ever get one chance to capture that ‘First Dance’ on film, so do it in style.

From as little as £175


A fantastic addition to your big day. Your names in light throughout your day & evening. A unique and elegant way of adding the ‘wow’ factor to your wedding.

We can offer Custom Gobo Projection lighting, which allows you to have your name(s), date, message, etc projected on the dance floor, ceiling, or wall.

Designed and custom made for only £80.

White Wedding Set-Up

Because everything should look amazing on your special day, we can now offer the option of our ‘White Wedding Set-Up’, it’s probably one of the most stylish you will see.

White always looks super stylish, clean and very elegant, it will also compliment your colour theme when used with our LED lightings as well as looking stunning both during the day and the evening.

Looks great for a Winter theme or a Christmas party too.

All this for only £75 extra (when booked with a package)

Confetti Explosions

A Confetti Cannon will definitely surprise with a breath-taking blast to cover the dance floor, firing confetti in many directions.

They look fantastic during a ‘First Dance’ and as a finale to a Wedding night, also a great surprise for a Party entrance.

First Dance & Finale bursts £75

Mood Lighting

Using LED up-lighters can set the mood and transform a whole room to any colour theme or choice you want, the colour you choose will paint the whole room from top to bottom with the most incredible ambiance.

It’s classy, modern and incredibly elegant and with a choice of over 500 colours we can match your colour scheme perfectly and guarantee to bring the WOW factor to your wedding or function.

8 LED Uplighters around your venue £150

LOVE letters

Ideally, for the Wedding and Anniversary customers, these 4ft light up LOVE letters are a lovely back drop to symbolise the love between two people.

Not only will our light up LOVE letters create a perfect focal point, they also prove a very popular photo opportunity that all of your guests can enjoy and benefit from.

Prices start from £195

Dance Floors

Most venues will already have a standard wooden floor or possibly just carpet. How about making a real impression on your guests and creating a real focal point for your party; A dance floor in either White or Black LED sparkle really does produce that sparkle elegance and jaw-dropping reaction, so if you’re looking to make a lasting impression a dance floor is a spectacular option for you to consider.

Starting from as little as £199

Ultimate ‘Tomfoolery’ Party Packs

This pack contains an amazing 58 high-quality items, guaranteed to rocket your next event into the party sphere.

Glitter Top Hats (set of 4), Blues Brothers Hats & Glasses (2 sets), Hawaiian Lei, Inflatable Guitars (set of 8), Inflatable Saxophones (set of 8), Inflatable Microphones (set of 8), Maracas (set of 4), Straw Beachcomber Hat, Shark Hat, Horse Hat, Fez Hat, Chicken Hat, Robin Hood Hat, Sequin Silver 70s Disco Hat, Warrior Helmet, Inflatable Dumbell, Jesters Hat, Hula Grass Skirt, Police Helmet, Elephant Hat, Scotish Tartan w. Ginger Hair Hat, Cow Hat, Ant Head Hat, Traffic Cone Hat, Shark Bite Hat, Coconut Bra, Glitter Wigs (set of 3), Black Afro Wig.

Please note a minimum of 7 days notice is needed to order these packs.

All this for only £149

Inflatable Blow-out Party Packs

This pack contains only inflatables – a small package when it arrives, but a huge hit when inflated as it hits the dance floor.

Inflatable Guitars (set of 8), Inflatable Saxophones (set of 8), Inflatable Microphones (set of 8), Inflatable Dumbells (set of 4). I can replace some of the above with inflatable mic stands or Tommy guns!

Please note a minimum of 7 days notice is needed to order these packs.

All this for only £79

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