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Mr & Mrs Dyson

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Mr & Mrs Dyson July 2016

Never have I had the pleasure of working so close to home as I did for Hayley & Peter Dyson’s big day in July.

Both being good friends and regularly meeting up socially, the pressure was certainly on to produce something special for these two.

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We had had a few meetings to discuss the planning and the preparation in the months leading up to the wedding so we knew how we wanted the day to go, now it was time to put all of Hayley’s hard work and effort into practice.

The day started with setting up in the morning, I was supplying an ‘All Day Wedding Host’ service, so the worry & pressure was off both the bride & the venue; it was all down to me to deliver THE perfect most memorable day.

Before I could start thinking about setting up for the evening function I had the ceremony to organise, music and cue points were all to be rehearsed again for one final time.

At 1.00pm I asked all the Family & friends to make their way into the ceremony room from the lounge area to wait for our bride to make her way down the aisle, Hayley really didn’t disappoint, she looked absolutely stunning in her beautiful dress, grinning from ear to ear being led by her dad Ian.

Hayley had chosen six songs in total for the ceremony that meant a lot to the both of them, ceremony done and it was then time for the ‘NEW’ Mr & Mrs Dyson to make their way onto the  seafront for photographs, luckily the weather was kind and they got some great shots with Sam Markwell (photographer).

IMG_5976 (1)So, onto the Wedding Breakfast…… first task was to give the bridal party the ‘Grand Entrance’ they so deserved (separate video here)…..this proved very popular and a great way of involving everyone in the room after a relaxing, yet hot, afternoon in the Hotel garden.

Speeches proved to be a bit of a ‘tearjerker’ moment with some lovely words from Peters daughters Amy & Laura, I think most of the wedding guests had a tear in their eyes at some stage during Laura’s speech.

We started the evening formalities in a slightly different, but lovely way…….Hayley’s Dad Ian had his last dance with his daughter before offering her hand to Hayley’s new husband Peter who continued whilst the dancing upon a thick carpet of clouds and a shower of confetti, again proving very emotional to most in the room.

From there on until midnight it was just non-stop dancing and fun, albeit a bit hot but truly great fun with great guests. The day was ended with another confetti explosion during the last dance……. ‘Don’t Stop Believing’…….all in all a fantastic day & so happy to be involved.

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