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Top 3 Tips for Brides

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There’s nothing better than a personal recommendation from someone who has been in the same boat. And when it comes to planning a wedding, you need to get it right. So we asked you, our brides of last year, via the Wedding Survey, for your top tips for brides-to-be, and here’s what you all agreed were the three most useful words of wisdom when it comes to planning your wedding.

1) Get Organised – Using Old and New Ways
The number one tip, that so many of our brides suggested, is to simply get organised. Do your research, take notes and save everything from written quotes to contracts, fabric swatches and receipts for any deposits paid, all into one folder. An important part of getting organised is to set yourself a realistic budget – and stick to it. No wedding, however spectacular, is worth going into debt for. And once you set your budget, you can start to plan how much you have to spend on each part of your wedding, from the venue to the dress to the catering. Organisation is essential, and there are new ways of keeping on top of things which can be used alongside traditional methods. 

2) Do What You Want to Do – How and Why You Should Stick to Your Guns

The second top tip from our real life brides was to plan the wedding you want, rather than what your parents or in-laws might be pushing you towards. If you would love to have an informal, small-scale wedding but your mother is insisting you must have a larger, more formal celebration, perhaps because they are hosting it or paying a contribution towards it, stick to your guns and explain why you want the wedding you want, help them to understand why it is important to you.

Through open communication you should be able to find a compromise that works for everyone and allows you and your fiance to have the wedding you want. To keep the peace you could suggest your family take on the planning of a small part of the wedding: the evening reception for instance or the making of the cake or your stag and hen nights. Ultimately though, and particularly if you are paying for it, you should have the celebration you want; is your wedding after all.

3) Stay Calm, Don’t Stress – Relaxation Will Cure Any Bridezilla Tendencies

Feeling relaxed and serene in the lead up to your wedding may feel easier said than done but it’s important not to let your inner ‘bridezilla’ take over so try to stay calm and focused. Our brides have suggested all sorts of tips for how to keep calm, from sipping herbal tea to taking up yoga and meditation, and just taking out wedding insurance may also offer some peace of mind. Consider booking a spa day for your hen night at a local spa hotel and enjoy a restful pampering to help calm those pre-wedding nerves.


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